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    Portal 1 Cheats, Walkthrough



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    Portal 1 Cheats, Walkthrough

    Post  Schuster13 on Thu Aug 30, 2012 5:56 am

    Alternate title screen

    Successfully complete the game to unlock the cake title screen. login

    Step 1: The graffiti in the game are clues for the website. Go to the site, and enter "LOGIN" as a command. Enter "CJOHNSON" as a username and "TIER3" as a password. After logging in, type "HELP" for a list of commands. In addition to logging in as "CJOHNSON" (Chell), you can login as anyone desired by typing a username longer than two characters and using "PORTAL" as a password. hidden message

    While logged into the website, type "THECAKEISALIE" to access a hidden message left by some employees.

    Completing Chamber 18 easier.

    Step 2: At the end of the advanced map for Chamber 18, you will have the same raised platforms as you did in the normal one except now after you leave the lower one it falls into the toxic water. This forces you to be more precise with your portal jumps. However, you can get past this easily. Do the platform jumping as usual, but if you miss just land on the platform you came out of. You should be able to fire an opposite color portal at the wall where you entered this area, allowing you to go back to the start. All the platforms rise again, and the portal is still where you left it. You can now fall into the pit again and be able to portal jump to the next ledge. This take longer but does not require precise timing.

    Using cheats and earning achievements

    If the "sv_cheats 1" code is enabled, achievements are disabled; however, there is a way around this. There are a few command strings that can be bind to keys which allow you to enable or disable God mode when desired, get all equipment such as weapons, plus the better portal gun. To do this, use the bind [key] "sv_cheats 1; wait; god; wait; wait; wait; "sv_cheats 0" console command. For God mode, use the bind [key] "sv_cheats 1; wait; Impulse 101; wait; wait; wait; "sv_cheats 0" console command.

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